Call me Space or Rocks whichever you prefer. He/them (demiboy but nonbianary leaning), ace, demiromantic. I do art! Requests are open!

hey reminder to everyone: drink water or end up like me.

lying on the kitchen floor clutching your head as you migrane flairs up.


Pine went gathering, hardly noticed time pass until the sun as already setting.

The Tree

Some art I did of an area I use to play in when I was younger.

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can you fight god?

hi!! this is just a "god"/all powerful figure in general!! not trying to be mean against ppls religions

coffee legally cannot fight god

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[ID: miles doesn't have the composition to fight god. end ID]

i dont even know what that means

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hell yea

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Spacee has killed god and you're next.

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it's baby Snufkin time

i haven't drawn him in so long, forgot how much i love him

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nonbinawy woxy wawonde

I'm new here

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I stumbled upon this site when looking for Tumblr alternatives and I was wondering if there any cool peeps on here. I would like to make friends, but I'm chill with acquaintances. I'll list the things I like in the tags

Memories and Dreams

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you know I had to redraw this scene-- I truly can't wait for the movie

also, was comparing to when i drew sonic from the beginning of 2018 big oof, I improved a lot.